For the Memory of a Swan

So here is a short piece I wrote to test the recording capabilities of my iPad Pro.  I am using Cubasis and the built in microphone.  Acoustic live instruments are the electric and acoustic guitars and the shaker.  The rest are synthesized within the iPad.  I am using an Apogee JAM96K to connect the electric guitar to BIAS / Jamup.  

For the Memory of a Swan - Soundcloud

Studio progress and some inner reflections

Rob Brens attended my home again today and we finally nailed the percussion performances for the ELO cover. Anyone can play a cover of something someone else wrote. Six months of guitar lessons and you can play a huge number of songs, if you want. But to rebuild the song from basic materials as if you wrote it yourself, that is what takes time. 

This song is sounding amazing and I love the original so much that doing it any other way would be an unacceptable personal failure. Thanks so much for your time…

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DIY Project: Acoustic Panels

I just finished building and mounting six acoustic absorption panels for my studio.

Check out the process and final results HERE


Percussive Maintenance

Rob Brens came over to my place and we worked on some percussion sounds for the ELO cover I am recording for the first EP.  Rob was using a mallet and my Steinberger case to replicate a kick sound and it came out great!  

Steinberger really produced amazing instruments back before the Gibson takeover.  Incidentally, the GIbson developed Steinberger guitar cases sound terrible as percussion objects. What a shame. 

The ELO cover a reinterpretation that reorchestrates the already amazing work of Jeff Lynne in a…Read more

DIY Project Page

As part of getting my home studio refreshed I am building a few things to create a more functional environment.  I am documenting these Do It Yourself projects because I am getting some great results even though my skills are pretty limited.  I am certainly learning as I am going.  

Right now I am working on some acoustic absorption panels which will be documented in the next few days.  So, get into it guys - if I can do it, you probably can too unless you are completely useless!

Audio Monitor stands - sand…

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New Video Gallery

I have created a Video page where I will place some lesson material as well as a few playthrough demos


Title of first EP for 2016 Revealed

The first EP released of the new series will be called "Water Colour Sun".  It will host four tracks.  Three original compositions and one cover/reinterpretation.  I am aiming for completion by mid 2016 with the second EP being complete by the end of the year

What do I sound like now?

It has been a while since the Not In Kansas Anymore EP of 2008.  A lot has happened.  According to theory that every seven years a person's cells are completely replaced I am a different human being.  You can hear a section of the first song I wrote for The Space Between Stars project here:

This track features Evan Harris (NS Stick) and Rob Brens (Drums).  The mix is my own amateur work but the final will be by David Carr at Rangemaster.  The direction things are going is for a mix of post and progressive…Read more