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Acoustic Insulation Panels

My studio room has a pretty good sound to it.  The reflections are not too harsh but they are detectable, sometimes.  I decided to research acoustic panels and found that the cost of bought ones (versus the possible benefit) was a little high and figured I could make something pretty decent if I tried.  So, I read a bunch of web pages by people who have done it already, drew up my plans and bought the materials.  Below follows my progress to completion.

Three finished panels mounted behind the desk

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Steinberg CMC Platform

Steinberg have retired their infinitely useful CMC series of Cubase controllers. Which is annoying.  But the good news is I got a few very cheaply.  

I made a very simple stand to host them using a thin piece of MDF and a skirting board for the 'foot'.  Velcro was the perfect solution for keeping them in place and simple cable management took care of the 3x USB runs.  The extra weight and stability also adds to the experience of using the devices and creates a nicer working environment

The backing is…

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Studio Monitor Stands and Screen Support

My biggest concern was that my monitors were not adequately decoupled from my desk.  So I went about making some monitor stands using PVC, dry sand and some nice wood from the hardware store.  

I liked the varnished wood so much I decided to make a table for the screen that would provide neat storage space as well.  Coupled with some basic cable management life is a lot easier, neater and the audio change was revolutionary.

Varnishing the horizontal platforms

Spray painting PVC cylinder and flange pieces…

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DIY Projects

Getting ready for the additional tracking for the first Water Colour Sun EP I decided to review my studio setup.  This blog is about any little things I build to make life easier.  I am by no means overly competent at this stuff but I have found planning and really knowing what you are trying to do are the key to these kinds of basic projects.