One Year and Four Months Later...

It has been a very long time since I updated the news page of this site, however that does not mean I have not been extremely busy with music.  


  • You can find my 2020 EP entitled 'Tusk

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Blog Page Started

Just what the Internet needs!  Another blog!  But this one is different! Your mileage may vary!

Yeah I started a blog page to host longer posts that might be reviews or whatever else comes to mind.  

And here it is!

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Modular Goodness

My Modular setup has grown to a pretty decent size.  More to the point, the creative possibilities and processes it unlocks are pretty amazing.  So many interesting combinations and cross pollination opportunities between each module and workflow.  For the synth…

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JLM Audio 500 Series Rack Update

Last year I made the decision to offload all my rack gear and switch to 500 Series format.  My requirements had changed and I needed my hardware to match my desired workflow.  500 Series is basically a format that provides…

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Woodshed Woodshed Woodshed

A few quick news items.  

I have decided upon a name for my electronic music output, something more abstract than just using my OWN name, which I think is better kept for the guitar based music.  I will announce…

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Guitar Rig Update

Lots of effects board changes and now dual 2x12 cabinets. 

The black one is a Greenback and Heritage, the dark red snakeskin holds two Creambacks

Pedal board is in constant evolution but should settle within the next 2…

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Couch Studio

I have built a studio in my lounge room to do some casual practice and writing.  It basically includes:

- DSI Mopho analog synth (I am using the midi out to point to the Volca Bass)

- Korg Volca…

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More New Gear - Maschine JAM and Zoom H5

I went out and bought Maschine JAM to go with my Kontrol 49 and Maschine MK2. 

The JAM really adds a lot for control of mixing and the step sequencer is good fun, although I am very manual about my…

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